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Jenny Dong

Founder and Managing Director Senior Mortgage Adviser


Jenny, the founder and managing director of Oceantide Wealth Limited, is esteemed for her remarkable leadership and insightful foresight. Graduating from Harbin University of Science and Technology, she honed her skills at McKinsey & Company before venturing into entrepreneurship. In 2019, driven by her vision for helping Chinese’s property purchase in the UK, she established the company. Maintaining close ties with key industry practitioners in the UK lending industry, she offers invaluable expertise in loan consultation and collaborates with numerous private banks.

Jie Wen

Partner | Senior Advisor


Dr. Jie Wen has over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, specialising in providing clients with loan solutions, compliance consulting, and project financing services. He has previously worked at China Merchants Bank (Beijing), the University of Sussex (Brighton), and the University of Westminster (London). Dr. Wen holds a Ph.D. in Finance and is also a qualified accountant and financial advisor. Since joining Ocean Tide, as a partner in 2017, he has demonstrated exceptional business acumen and leadership skills.

Yulong Wang

Master Degrees
Head of Account Management


Gail holds dual Master's degrees from the UK: a Master's degree in Management from UCL and a Master's degree in Project Management from Business School, the University of Westminster. She previously worked at a human resources consulting firm and served as the Project Manager of Children of the Mekong. Since joining Ocean Tide as a Account Manager in 2019, she has demonstrated her strengths, business ethics, and commitment to excellent customer service. Gail's expertise extends to project management, human resources consulting, and team leadership. She now oversees the entire account management team at Ocean Tide, showcasing her capabilities and dedication to the role.

Jasmine Chen

Mortgage Adviser


Jasmine, a University of Washington Economics graduate, holds extensive expertise in finance and lending. With previous pivotal roles in commercial banking, she's adept in financial management and services. Certified by FCA, she navigates the UK property loan realm, versed in diverse real estate financial products. Known for her communication prowess and problem-solving acumen, Jasmine crafts tailored solutions by grasping clients' needs. Detail-oriented and passionate, she upholds high professionalism and ethics. Her aim is to be a trusted partner, delivering top-tier service and aiding clients in realising their financial aspirations.

Jasmine,毕业于华盛顿大学经济学系,拥有丰富的金融和贷款专业知识。曾在商业银行担任关键职位,她精通财务管理和服务。作为FCA认证持有者,她熟悉英国房产贷款领域,了解各种主流和非主流的房地产金融产品。Jasmine 以出色的沟通能力和解决问题的才能而著称,她通过把握客户需求来提供量身定制的解决方案。她注重细节,充满热情,并保持高度的专业素养和职业道德。她的目标是成为值得信赖的合作伙伴,提供一流的服务,帮助客户实现他们的财务目标。

Shelley Shin

Senior Account Manager


Shelley, a dedicated and experienced professional with a decade of expertise as a Financial Advisor in Hong Kong. She was graduated with bachelor’s degree from Shanghai International Studies University and possesses extensive knowledge in financial products as well as real estate. With a proven track record in talent acquisition, team building, and business development, Shelley has excelled in various roles, from Associate Vice President to Senior Account Manager. Her proactive approach to client relationships, regulatory compliance, and continuous professional development sets her apart in the financial and property markets, making her a valuable asset in related industries.

Mark Chen

Account Manager


Mark graduated from Queen Mary University of London with a degree in Banking and Finance and has extensive experience in finance and lending. He worked at a commercial bank in the Asia-Pacific region, managing SME commercial lending and specialising in loans and insurance. Mark excels in analytical and problem-solving skills, accurately assessing risks and providing effective financial solutions. His expertise in anti-money laundering standards and customer relationship management showcases his responsibility and integrity. Mark's exceptional communication and customer service skills have earned him high trust and satisfaction from clients.

Doris Xiong

Account Manager


Doris, an Account Manager at Ocean Tide hailing from Shenzhen, China, is proficient in Mandarin and Cantonese. Demonstrating extensive experience in managing high-quality overseas client groups, she nurtures relationships with private banks in the UK. A graduate of the University of Leeds and a reputable "211" University in China, she adeptly absorbs new trends and embraces client feedback. With over 2 years in her career, she collaborates effectively with clients and mortgage advisers, specialising in mortgages (including bridging loans, Expat mortgages, SPV finance), and insurance in the UK. She upholds a high standard of compliance with regulatory requirements such as AML and customer due diligence processes.

Jin Shi

Account Manager


Jin graduated with a bachelor's degree from Chongqing University of Technology and a master's degree from the University of Southampton. During her studies, she participated in university volleyball competitions and cultural promotions, demonstrating strong teamwork and enthusiasm. She gained financial knowledge and practical experience during her internship at Ping’An Bank. Now, as an Account Manager at Ocean Tide, Jin is familiar with UK mortgage processes, including residential loans, Buy-To-Let mortgagaes, and bridging loans. Although new to the workforce, Jin is diligent and eager to learn, excelling in problem-solving and committed to providing excellent customer service.

Jasmine,毕业于华盛顿大学经济学系,拥有丰富的金融和贷款专业知识。曾在商业银行担任关键职位,她精通财务管理和服务。作为FCA认证持有者,她熟悉英国房产贷款领域,了解各种主流和非主流的房地产金融产品。Jasmine 以出色的沟通能力和解决问题的才能而著称,她通过把握客户需求来提供量身定制的解决方案。她注重细节,充满热情,并保持高度的专业素养和职业道德。她的目标是成为值得信赖的合作伙伴,提供一流的服务,帮助客户实现他们的财务目标。


Peter Hu

Regional Director


He has over ten years of extensive experience in overseas real estate financing. In the past five years, Hu Xinchen has successfully handled thousands of initial loan consultations from local residents in the UK and overseas clients. He possesses deep insights and extensive knowledge in real estate and financial products, providing professional and considerate services to clients. Hu Xinchen has earned widespread recognition in the industry for his outstanding performance and professionalism.

Cheryl Cheng

Head of Marketing & BD


Cheryl graduated from Imperial College Business School with a Master's degree in Strategic Marketing. She was the chair of the Asian Business Club during her studies and worked at ICBC (UK) after graduation. She later became the Strategic Marketing Manager at one of the UK's largest developers, Galliard Homes. Currently, she serves as the Head of Marketing and Business Development at Ocean Tide. She has demonstrated diverse professional abilities and leadership, showcasing versatility and industry insight from entrepreneurship to large-scale corporate marketing and business development. She developed and maintained close relationships with over 70 companies in the real estate industry and managed over thousands of initial enquiries.

Yihan Jiang

Marketing Specialist


Yihan Jiang is currently a Marketing Specialist at Ocean Tide. She holds a Master's degree in Cultural and Creative Industries from King's College London. With extensive experience in the advertising industry, Yihan previously worked at Ogilvy, serving high-profile clients such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, and HK Land. Fluent in both Chinese and English, Yihan excels in branding design, content marketing, and social media operations. She possesses excellent creative and communication skills and the ability to build and maintain strong client relationships.

History, values and purpose

Since its establishment in 2019, Oceantide Wealth Ltd. has been dedicated to providing high-quality financial services. As early as 2017, with the expansion of the advisory team, Mr. Wenjie joined the company, serving as a partner and mortgage advisor.

In 2019, the team further expanded with the addition of client managers Yulong and Liangrui, as well as Shiyu in the marketing department. In 2020, the company joined Connect, further enhancing our service level and becoming a comprehensive loan brokerage agency. In 2021, the team expanded again with the addition of client manager Shanchan. In 2022, we welcomed two new client managers, Xiongdou and Fucheng, and Liangrui became a licensed mortgage advisor.

In 2023, the team structure was adjusted, with Yulong being promoted to head of the client manager team. In 2024, the company continued to expand, promoting Shiyu to head of marketing and business development, and adding client manager Shijin and marketing specialist Yihan.

Oceantide Wealth Ltd. has always adhered to the values of integrity, professionalism, and mutual support, providing comprehensive financial services to our clients.

Our business scope includes loans, insurance, and more. We handle an average of 600 cases per year, with an average loan amount of £200 million annually. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality insurance and other financial services, ensuring that each client receives personalized and professional support.